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The MOMS Club®

MOMS Club of New Port Richey, South, FL

Ever Feel Like You’re the Only Mother Who Stays Home? 

You are not alone! 

Come meet other at-home mothers at the MOMS Club! 

The MOMS Club (Moms Offering Moms Support) is a national nonprofit organization specifically for at-home mothers everywhere!  We help you feel good about your decision to stay home with your children and give you the opportunity to share activities with other at-home mothers and their children! 

Local MOMS Club chapters have meetings with interesting speakers and discussions, park play days, playgrounds for preschool children, babysitting coops, activity groups like arts ‘n crafts, and a monthly MOMS night out (activity groups change according to members’ interests).  We also perform service projects to help needy children in our community! 

Our chapters meet during the day because that’s when mothers-at-home need support and we allow mothers to bring children with them to our activities! 

Our chapters monthly calendar of activities is reserved only for members.  If you would like to become a member or would like more information about our chapter send an e-mail here.


DISCLAIMER:  The many opinions expressed in the MOMS Club News reflect the diversity of our membership.  The MOMS Club newsletter includes advertising.  We do not necessarily endorse the products, opinions or services advertised


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