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Mom of the month 

Looking for future Moms of the Month.  If you would like to be featured in future newsletters.  Please contact Angela O.  for a questionnaire, or click here to print one out.

Service Projects

The Halloween Service Project at the ALF was a huge success!!

Thank you to all who participated! The children looked so wonderful in their costumes as they trick or treated from room to room. The residents were
thrilled to have such cute company dressed as princesses, Buzz Lightyear, a kilted Scottsmen, pumpkins, and other costumes. The residents enjoyed passing out candy to the children and LOVED the pumpkin thank you cards the children made for them. After trick or treating, the children had refreshments and enjoyed spending some time with the residents in the common room. One resident, Mary, (who will be 102 years old this December 20) told us this visit "made her week". A new member to our chapter told me the event was "heartwarming". Now those two comments tell me it was a hugely successful Service Project!!



Thanks again Ladies to all who donated to the Thanksgiving Food Basket for the Spicer Family, below is a letter I received from their family. It really feels great to know we helped a family to feel so blessed! With gratitude, Shelley Swind

Momís Club Of New Port Richey South:
We just wanted to thank you for the food basket given to our family. You will never realize how special that was to us. We are so fortunate that there are caring, generous people out there who know what itís like to fall on hard times and struggle with a family. Thank you for our Thanksgiving miracle!
Love Karl, Deb and Family

Thanks to Poohs Playmates (Tuesday 3-5) Playgroup for the GREAT gift basket they donated for raffle at the Thanksgiving Feast. I won it!! John and I are enjoying the basket, itís bringing out our creative side (wink wink)!! Thanks to Gracie S. for picking my name. I never seem to win anything,
except with the MOMS Club!



Happy Birthday


Sue B. 1/13

Kristi D. 1/13

Jeri K. 1/23

Jen V. 1/23

Tracey V. 1/24



Kaitlin H. 1/8

Christian V. 1/11

Hannah B. 1/12

Chase R. 1/17

Alexander K. 1/18

Logan W. 1/21

Hailey D. 1/24

Brent R. 1/24

Haven B. 1/27

Julia G. 1/27


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